C'est la vie

The memories, the joy, the pain, the regrets, the fear, the hope, the happiness, the success. That's life.

I’m sorry. You don’t get to text me late and ask if I want to come over. You don’t get to try things with me every time you’re drunk. Just because I’ve told you things about my life you think that I’m an easy target. Stop assuming that my past actions define me. We’re friends. And I’m glad. But that’s all we are and I hate feeling like I’m obligated to hook up with you just because we’ve had a serious conversation. If you say we’re going to watch Netflix, let’s actually watch Netflix.

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I’m tired. I’m tired of worrying that the friendships I’ve made here won’t last. I’m tired of work. I’m tired of being tired. I’m ready to be with the people who can tell by a glance or one word how I’m feeling. How is it that I actually feel closer to some of them now that we’re miles apart? It’s the worst kind of irony.

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Headed home so so soon. I cannot wait. In some ways, there are so many things about home that terrify me. But I don’t think they matter anymore. I’m literally knocking on wood as I type this, but I’m starting to believe that things will just stay good. I’m focused on seeing the people who matter most to me. My family, the friends who know me best, my couch (because apparently I think that’s a person). I can’t wait to be back. I’ll see you soon ‘zonies :)

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Nothing is wrong. I smile effortlessly. That familiar bitterness is gone. This girl is happy. I don’t think anyone at home would even recognize me.

— 1 year ago

There is only one day left of my least favorite month. And yeah this may jinx me (I’m feeling reckless) but nothing bad has happened. In fact, good things have been happening. College is everything I wanted it to be. Fresh start, new faces, motivation. It’s fun and it’s exciting and it is completely different from the world I came from. Today, I feel…unafraid. That’s really all I wanted for the longest time. To live a life free of fear. And now I am.

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